Petrospace in use

Petrospace was developed over several years as a full-size, fully-immersive training simulation by Phenomatics in collaboration with OMV Refining and Marketing GmbH of Vienna, Austria.

The software is an advanced tool for explaining and demonstrating how a refinery works. Supplied as a software for download to your PC or notebook computer (minimum hardware specifications apply).

Personal Learning

Petrospace is ideal for personal learning. Walk the refinery at your own pace and make yourself comfortable operating apparatus. Take a look inside key components and see the processes taking place within.

In The Classroom

Petrospace is the perfect tool for the classroom. Teach process engineering and explain concepts of petrochemical plants by showing your students live images from inside a virtual oil refinery. Explain how distillation columns, pumps, compressors, furnaces, heat exchangers and other components work by displaying interactive visualizations of what's happening inside them.

For Presentations

Use Petrospace to present concepts and interdependencies of petrochemical plants. Live interactive 3D graphics is more captivating than video and still images.

Proven Benefits

After 5 years in operational usage by OMV in their refinery near Vienna, Austria, the benefits have been fully documented [PDF, 8MB].

  • Reduced training time
  • Increased trainee motivation
  • Increased safety. No danger to the the trainee or refinery
  • Better combination of theory and best-practice

Impressions of Petrospace in Action

What's Inside

The following table represents an overview of how the desktop virtual refinery can be used

The detailed user manual can be downloaded here.