In Petrospace you will experience an oil refinery from the first person perspective.

Plant and machinery are fully interactive and respond to the user's operation.


Petrospace is a specifically-equipped virtual training refinery developed with experts from the petrochemical industry.

The simulation fosters learning by doing. ‘Mistakes’ in a simulated environment accelerate learning by trail and error.

Teach and present

Explain the inner workings of an oil refinery.

Use Petrospace in class and demonstrate how components work.

Petrospace is an advanced tool for explaining and demonstrating how a refinery works. Petrospace has been developed as a ‘free environment’ in which the user is in command of the training objectives and content.

Proven Benefits

Petrospace was originally developed as a full-size, fully-immersive training simulation by Phenomatics and OMV GmbH. After 5 years in operational usage by OMV in their refinery near Vienna, Austria, the benefits have been fully documented.